Let’s talk archives
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Let’s talk archives
Oh lawd help me I need to re-do some archives. Old DVD archives are coming up on 15 years old, are probably shitty media, have been stored is less than ideal environments and should probably be redone. Also, I can redo at 4:1 old to new capacity (or better) and reduce the number of disks.

I’m thinking BDXL is the next simple thing to do.

What are all the cool kids going with for archives?

PS: I guess, too, a NAS with parity based raid would work, too. Just watch drive age and rotate them out before they fail lest they all fail close together. Can a good RAID system upgrade drive sizes? And how long will spinning rust be viable because that's still the most cost effective route.

PPS: Seems like the answer to upgrading drive sizes is a yes on FreeNAS, which is probably how I'd go anyway. For less than $1k I can build an 8 bay nas and populate it with 12TB of usable, raided space. It won't be a powerhouse or have redundant power supplied, but it'll be more than a manual mdadm array in a USB enclosure ;)
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RE: Let’s talk archives
I was looking at a four bay or larger Synology or Drobo NAS when I was hot on this idea. The idea was that I'd start with two drives for redundancy and add more down the road.

I haven't done it yet, I was using a GoPro for video in the spring, and running low on local space, but I haven't been shooting, so I'm on hold.

All of my DVDs are still on DVD (not a large collection). Due to a low replacement cost and ubiquitous online media, I don't see the need to archive them.
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RE: Let’s talk archives
Somewhere in the stacks (and stacks (and stacks)) of boxes I rescued from my old house, there must be buried many optical discs with backups and stuff I couldn't fit on hard drives back way back when. I really should get to digging them out and salvaging what is still salvageable.

All what I archive nowadays is pretty much online. Locally, and/or in cloud services.

I have nothing of value to add to this thread.
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RE: Let’s talk archives
Put them all on tape!

(I also have nothing of value to contribute, other than the surprising fact that tape is still used in surprising quantities where I work)
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