The Streets of Boston
01-22-2019, 02:20 AM,
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The Streets of Boston
I like to wander the city and capture the randomness...
01-22-2019, 05:57 AM,
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RE: The Streets of Boston
Gah, I need to get out more. I haven’t been out shooting in earnest in... more than a year.
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01-22-2019, 03:17 PM,
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RE: The Streets of Boston
Yea, I made that site after I felt like I lost my connection to Boston and wanted to reconnect to the city. Get out there and shoot!
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RE: The Streets of Boston
Holy crap, is that lady with the glass harmonica still there (8/26 gallery)? I was in Boston in 2013 as part of a trip that also included Saint John, New Brunswick, Alberton, PEI, and Halifax and Antigonish, Nova Scotia. There was a lady with the same glass harmonica then:


We walked all around Boston that day, and eventually got to Fenway and had lunch at Jerry Remy's, right next to where the Blue Jays were playing the Red Sox. Rather fun hearing the roar of the crowd from the park, then seeing what they were cheering for on the bar's TVs about five seconds later.

I was first in Boston in 1998, the weekend Frank Sinatra died (stupid things I remember). Mom, Dad, my aunt and uncle, and I made the trip and stayed with my uncle's niece. Her husband was Air Force, and a big historian, and of course Dad loved history, too. We did the touristy thing of walking the Freedom Trail, stopping at the Union Oyster House and seeing JFK's booth (we enjoyed the eats so much our hosts did some digging and eventually found us the restaurant's recipe for the cornbread). We were there when the Boston Garden was in the process of being torn down, and the Big Dig was throwing traffic into chaos; we missed our exit for Burlington and ended up getting rather lost, leaving us knocking at our reception's door at 1 AM.

Quite enjoyed Boston; may have to make a trip back sometime.
01-25-2019, 04:02 PM,
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RE: The Streets of Boston
I'm not sure if it's the same lady, but I wouldn't doubt it. I'm glad you enjoyed Boston, it's a nice little city, bit small for my taste but my wife loves it so here we are. Mercifully, the big dig has made traffic slightly less snarled but it's still awful. Not as bad as the jerky pedestrians though...there's a reason we're called Massholes...
01-26-2019, 08:57 AM,
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RE: The Streets of Boston
I like your work.
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RE: The Streets of Boston
Gracias! Smile

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