What the new iPad design is still missing
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RE: What the new iPad design is still missing
Ok so a big refresh is coming (finally). It looks like the Pro features, at least the audio bits, may trickle down the line.

I am also reading they may dispense of the physical home button for a backlit sensor section. I could totally see OLED being used here.

That said, its too little too late for me. I now own sveral Sony Xperia tablets (they kick ass btw) and.… recently jumped to the MS Surface.

I now also have two Sony Xperia phones, one is used as a blutooth iPod thing and the other is a gaming screen thingy that attaches via a Sony made phone holder for PS4 controller. The shit all interconnects and completely kicks ass. Being able to put in a 128GB sdxc card plus Spotify scratches all my music needs. Plus Sony bluetooth headphones with NFC pairing. Its the shiizzle fo fizzle!

Oh, and did mention retro game emulators? I have every NES game on my frickin' phone!

And I was so pleased with my Surface Pro, I even got the RT to see what that was about. Given the last versions of OS8 and win 10 on my Pro, I have to say I think MS has gotten it right. I was able to pick up a 1st gen Pro, the RT, and a ton of new or barely used accessories for under 400 dollars. ebay FTW!

I am now wondering if my iPad Air isn't the last iPad I will buy (outside of the iPads I use in my music studio).

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