Divine right of kings
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Divine right of kings
Who is gonna stand up against tyranny? The president says that he can pardon himself and the right just smiles and nods.
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RE: Divine right of kings
He can pardon himself. Presidents have been making shitty "fuck it, I'm out of here" pardons for decades.

It's the flawed system that's the problem, not some boor.
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RE: Divine right of kings
Quote:“I have the absolute right to PARDON myself,” President Trump tweeted a few days ago. Presumably the president was talking about a self-pardon for federal crimes already committed, not state crimes and not future crimes. Is he right? No president has ever tried to self-pardon, constitutional text does not speak overtly to the issue and there is no judicial precedent on point. But that doesn’t stop people from voicing strong opinions. Here is a brief non-comprehensive survey.

In sum, there is no obvious right answer on the validity of self-pardons, and if Trump becomes the first president to pardon himself, a court will probably not provide an answer.


IANAL (obvs), but I have to say that self-pardoning in any legal context is a mockery of the law.
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RE: Divine right of kings
Even Newt thinks it’s a horrible idea that would result in impeachment in less than two weeks.

He was on CBS This Morning pimping a new book.
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RE: Divine right of kings
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