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It is possible to buy military hardware on the open market.

Background checks around the country are inconsistent. And they range from adequate to farcical.

Legislators think the correct response to gun violence is more guns.

Waiting periods are inconsistent and inconsistently enforced.

Gun laws in neighboring areas effectively cancel each other out. Chicago as an example. Chicago bans guns, surrounding areas don't. Naturally, guns get in to Chicago just fine.

The CDC is forbidden to do research on the effects of gun violence. Its gotten to the point of researchers using coded language to get funding for anything related to violent behavior.

The feds are forbidden to modernize firearm tracking. They have to manually search physical documents, most written by hand. And what data they do look up they're forbidden to store digitally.

The NRA can take the President aside, spank him, and then put him back in front of a camera to change his position. And then they dangle money in front of senators. After lunch, they publish inflammatory videos promising war and retribution against treasonous parties. The NRA has become a terrorist organization.
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