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Music  Courage
Being they never achieved much success outside of Canada, it's likely most of the audience here won't know of The Tragically Hip. Unless you lived just across the border, or visited Canada often and turned on the radio, it's very likely you won't know too many of their tunes. Well, Monday night, after a battle with a glioblastoma, Gord Downie, lead singer of The Tragically Hip, passed away at the age of 53.

I read the news this morning, and, while it was expected when they said he had a brain tumour and it was terminal, it still hit me like a tonne of bricks. Even more so, given that a very dear friend of mine is also battling a brain tumour, though we don't know the full prognosis of that one yet, and he's going to fight like hell.

Anyway, given, like I said, that most of the audience here hasn't heard of The Hip, I'd like to share a few of my favourite Hip songs. Hopefully they're not region-locked.
New Orleans is Sinking
Wheat Kings, written about the wrongly convicted David Milgaard.
Bobcaygeon, a small town in Ontario. When he was in the hospital, my dad told my mother about some trouble he and I got into when we were in Bobcaygeon, but she could never tell my sister. I've never been to Bobcaygeon in my life, and I honestly can't say if Dad had ever been himself. To this day, Mom and I have no idea what he was talking about (however, I'd sure like to know about the trouble we got into!).
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RE: Courage
As expected, I haven’t heard of them but both Trudeau and the members of Rush were genuinely devastated by his passing.

That says a great deal.
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RE: Courage
I've heard them, and I was pretty bummed to hear of his passing. You could see he was slipping in the last few shows, with the teleprompters, but the guy had a big heart, and was genuinely interested in Canadian politics.

Trudeau's statement was touching.
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RE: Courage
Man, I haven't thought of them in years.
I guess I should go look up the responses to his death.
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RE: Courage
I remember those guys. Now I'm feel nostalgic. Sorry he died.
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RE: Courage
Two more:
Nautical Disaster, a little more famous. Probably the first song that turned me onto The Hip.
Fiddler's Green, a little more obscure. Dug out my old CDs and listened to this one again.
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RE: Courage
Yea, that was a particularly bad day in Canada. Poor Gord. Sad

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