No Mans Sky
09-02-2016, 02:17 AM,
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No Mans Sky
Anyone played it? Initial reviews are pretty sad.
09-02-2016, 02:22 AM,
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RE: No Mans Sky
I'm not a gamer. But I love teh dramz, so this is now my favouritest game evah.
09-02-2016, 09:00 PM,
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RE: No Mans Sky
Game companies have managed to do this wonderful thing where they sell the game before anyone gets to try it. It's as if they looked at the shareware model and decided to do the opposite of it. And it works!
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09-03-2016, 12:23 AM,
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RE: No Mans Sky
I only preorder Nintendo first party games. And even then it's just predownloading from the eShop.
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03-05-2017, 03:20 AM,
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RE: No Mans Sky
The game aspect of the game looked stupid and pointless. The concepts and style were interesting, though.
03-05-2017, 04:58 AM,
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RE: No Mans Sky
Yeah. This one definitely flopped.
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