the Mini vMac emulator has been ported to 3DS.
08-26-2016, 12:02 AM,
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the Mini vMac emulator has been ported to 3DS.
Mini vMac for 3DS


I've been working on this for a while in fits and starts so here it is, the first release of Mini vMac for the 3DS.

This version is the Macintosh Plus with 4MB variant, others may be supported later.
Make sure you have a valid Macintosh Plus ROM image and place it in /3ds/vmac/ along with the files in the release archive.

This is my first real release so if I messed something up please let me know.

More information about Mini vMac in general can be found at the author's site:

Disk images must be auto loaded at runtime so make sure they're named diskX.dsk where X is 1 to how many images you want to load.
Have your OS image already to go before copying your disks to your 3DS as you cannot swap disks to complete the install on the 3DS.
There is no sound, and I haven't attempted to look into it yet.

DPAD Is mapped to arrow keys
Select switches between scale modes on the upper screen
Start toggles the Mini vMac control mode interface
L and R Shoulder buttons are the mouse button
Y Toggles the on screen keyboard
Circle pad moves the mouse
Touchscreen moves the mouse
After shutting MacOS down properly, press L + R + Start to exit or use the control mode interface

[Image: zWN8SK2.jpg]
[Image: ya3LZpe.jpg]

If you are getting a flashing disk and nothing else, make sure your first disk image (disk1.dsk) is a valid bootable Mac System disk.
It's best to verify your disk images in the desktop version of Mini vMac before copying your disk images over to your 3ds.

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