And what if I don't catch 'em all?
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And what if I don't catch 'em all?
Nintendo's foray onto off-brand mobile is interesting.  The game itself (Pokemon Go) kind of sucks, but the game paired with the brand recognition is somehow epic.  It's a different sort of game, and it's both welcome and intriguing.  You can only really play it by using your mobile device in the real world at different locations.  That's right.  If I want to accomplish anything significant, I can't do it from home.  I have to actually go somewhere.  In my rural case, it literally requires a drive!

I don't think Nintendo's vision is shared by their customers, however.  Time will tell, but I can't imagine the pale-skinned basement-dwelling gamers will embrace the idea of actual walking. And the first fatality is surely less than a week away if it hasn't happened already.  Users are encouraged to walk around and stare into their phones, waiting for Pokemon to appear, and the splash screen warning to be aware of your surroundings probably will not hold in front of a jury.  And worst of all, the game must be front-most to function.  So it's not like you can keep the device in your pocket and wait for a push... not good for human nor battery life.

But I will say that I've walked 50' up the street for the purpose of capturing some dumb pokemon, and I may even do it again.  But the novelty will not likely last.  I work in higher ed, so I will say that the landscape of the game is much more exciting on campus... it lights up with activity and it's easy to spot the other people who are walking around staring at their phones searching for pokemon. So perhaps the game will survive in niche areas... and that is really the shift.  They are targeting not only a group of people, but a group of people who also live in certain locales.  It's an interesting vision, and I hope it works.
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RE: And what if I don't catch 'em all?
It's not available in Canada, and I don't know how much to trust the mirrors...
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RE: And what if I don't catch 'em all?
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