Nobody likes a party-pooper
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Nobody likes a party-pooper
Black Lives Matter shuts down a Pride parade in Toronto, gets hate male that apparently justifies their actions

I'm neutral on the whole black matter as I don't have much contact (aside from my old supervisor where if anything I was more unfomfortable by his southern accent then his skin), but to me this goes right up there with the Pro-Life movements mailing pictures of "aborted fetuses" to unsuspecting victims - and about as effective.

I'm not going to say that racism doesn't exists in Canada - a quick Google search will prove otherwise. However, I sincerely believe that "raising awareness" using methods that hurt or inconvenience others is not the way to go - and only acts to justify the stereotypes and racism. They need to focus more on positive methods of raising awareness, methods that the people think are cool and proves that black people can be polite and proper citizens like the rest of us Canadians (can be). The LBQT community is a prime example of how to raise awareness. They aren't screaming at couples and blockading wedding chapels, but running a parade full of glitter that shows that anyone can be gay and that a LBQT can be anyone, even respectable police officers. Shutting down that parade to force people to acknowledge you is nothing but a big dick move.
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RE: Nobody likes a party-pooper
Everybody is racist, it's just human nature. Our (supposed) intelligence should enable us to acknowledge our racism and not act upon it.

I see failure to do that in your post.

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