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I own a Late 2009 iMac and it seems my superdrive is no longer working. I found this out because I wanted to run DiskWarrior from the disk to do a directory repair and it would not mount. Then I tried inserting a movie DVD and none will mount either.

If I purchase a USB Apple external superdrive will I be able to boot from that with DiskWarrior and do what I want to do or not? Thanks.

ps: yes, I realize it's time for a new iMac but otherwise this one is running fine.

never mind, the product specs say I need a late 2012 iMac for the external superdrive to work:


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RE: #superdrivefail
Bootable flash drive?
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RE: #superdrivefail
If memory serves, disk warrior will boot from USB.
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RE: #superdrivefail
How about a USB Thumb Drive
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RE: #superdrivefail
Give it a shot of compressed air and see if that helps (it does help the one on my work MBP).
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RE: #superdrivefail
I bought a Samsung external USB ultra-thin portable DVD writer for the reasonable price of $29.99 (as opposed to the Jobs/Cook unreasonably priced $79 one which is incompatible with my late 2009 iMac) and DiskWarrior booted fine from this, though it was a rather slow process. Though come to think of it DiskWarrior was always slow booting up internally as well.

DiskWarrior IMO has always been a good investment -- I was always told they use it at the Apple Genius bar

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