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flagging doesn't seem to work. - FuturDreamz - 08-08-2017

Also do you mind just deleting my account?

RE: flagging doesn't seem to work. - Alien - 08-08-2017

I would advise against that. However, you do have other options:
  • You could just leave. Your contributions will sink to the murky bottom and, slowly, they will be forgotten. As will this entire forum, I foresee.
  • You could try and start behaving like a normal person and less of a prick. Sure, you're not exactly getting a head start, and you'll no doubt be reminded of your past from time to time. But I really do think it is possible. You're going to have to jump over your own shadow, so to speak. (Ask your German stepdad for help with that one.)

RE: flagging doesn't seem to work. - FuturDreamz - 08-09-2017

Honestly, I don't think I'd ever act any different on this forum. I've been on these forums since I was a kid instead of hanging out with kids my age, and learned a long time ago that I have to act this way to get any attention (It's very difficult to figure out if people mildly like you or dislike you when they are preoccupied with responding to more relevant comments). Normally that would not be an issue, but as I said I am very antisocial and never really learned to communicate on a face-to-face basis very well. That is something I'm currently trying to figure out ways to work on, although I expect it to be a pretty slow process - and spending time on forums like these will not help. It may be a little difficult staying away from this place, I intended to never come back after creating this thread and deleted all my bookmarks, but it didn't sync to my work computer yet and I clicked the link without thinking. Honestly I only stuck around because I hate your guys' guts and so I monopolized all anti-Apple discussion, so you would have no choice but to cling to Apple no matter what otherwise you would have to admit I was right on some points.

Also flagging is still broken. I click on the little flag and nothing happens. Just thought you should know.

RE: flagging doesn't seem to work. - Gippy - 08-09-2017

XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access.

I'll have to look in to that.
CORS is a pain in the ass.

RE: flagging doesn't seem to work. - Gippy - 08-09-2017

Take a break if you need to. I can't recall how many times I've just not come here (or other places) for a while.

As far as changing your behavior. That's a harder one. Especially with this crew as its generally too easy to just call others something adverse and not think to hard about it. So trying to change and not seeing any worthwhile feedback is hard.

RE: flagging doesn't seem to work. - Alien - 08-09-2017

Tough crowd.