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Crazy People - FuturDreamz - 07-21-2017

Long story short, contractor makes music for a game then goes literally berserk trying to assert ownership of work.

RE: Crazy People - Gippy - 07-21-2017

In typical video game news fashion that article is written for people who already know what's going on.

RE: Crazy People - FuturDreamz - 07-21-2017

Does this appease your sensibilities?
Quote:To say that the story surrounding everything with Alex Mauer, Starr Mazer: DSP, River City Ransom: Underground, and various YouTubers is complicated … well that may be an even bigger understatement than my opening paragraph. Yet, here we are, in a mess of accusations, death threats, and now legal battles involving lawsuits and restraining orders. This is a story that’s difficult to handle, as the general public needs to know what is going on; however, more coverage to the issue may just end up enhancing it, as the behavior of the one at the center of the controversy has not only been erratic but has escalated as time has gone on. There are perceived issues surrounding mental health with those involved and given the erratic behavior of one of the players involved, trying to minimize harm of the publication of this article is incredibly difficult. How can you predict the unpredictable? Nevertheless, our commitment is to the truth of the matter, and that’s what the aim of this article is.

Also the intro for the timeline I posted is fairly explanatory:
Quote:In June 2017 Alex Mauer began a series of events including DMCA claims, death threats, and releasing personal information of countless parties due to a contract dispute with her former employer, Imagos Softworks/Imagos Films. The dispute also spread to include River City Ransom Underground and includes several other games as well.

As sick as I am of talking about, hearing about, and generally being in the same plane of existence as this issue, it’s a very confusing and fast-moving topic and no one really has the full story. And unlike other articles, this one will be kept up to date with new events and will be corrected as needed.

So, here we are; a timeline of events in the Alex Mauer DMCA situation. There will be little analysis in this piece for various reasons; the horse is dead, I’m sick of talking about it, discussion on the issue turns nasty fast, an objective analysis isn’t easy to find, etc. etc.. Most of Mauer’s actions speak for themselves when presented in proper context anyway.

RE: Crazy People - Gippy - 07-21-2017

That is closer to what we would call an informative article, yes.