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Full Version: PSA: Wi-Fi vulnerability
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HTTPS or nothing until it is patched.

Make sure you're up to date:

Quote:There's some good news: Most current versions of iOS and Windows aren't vulnerable, or are only vulnerable in one niche circumstance, because of the way Apple and Microsoft implemented the WPA2 standard to prevent resends of the third handshake message. But the millions and millions of impacted devices will present a challenge to fix. While the flaw is in the WPA2 standard and can be patched accordingly, different companies take different approaches to installing the protocol in their products, creating a patchwork of exposures and vulnerabilities in practice.
The phrase "third handshake" reminds me of beddy.
I almost never use public Wifi.
Doesn’t have to be public, that’s just a joke at the end of the article. That’s the scary part.
I also live out in the woods. If someone is going to attack me out here, it isn't going to be via WiFi. Boomstick