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Full Version: Are you high?
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It washed my cat.
No. But I'm running iOS11. New iMac arrives this week, I'll update on that one before I move in, and circle back to the laptop.

But I'll add that the barrier to switch away from Mac gets lower and lower. Pushing a largely under the hood release with big and glaring security holes does not spark joy.
Two vulnerabilities, I thought. Kernel extensions and Keychain data in plain text. And of course I notice them after I upgrade.

I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere. I love the idea of Linux and I could probably do it for work, but watching others in the office struggle with display drivers, among other things, in 2017 doesn’t make me want to leave.
Pictures of clean cat plsthx
[Image: giphy.gif]
Well played.
I'm at an awkward stage where I can't upgrade because my mac won't shutdown or restart. Gotta find what's hanging that shit up before the upgrade can continue. #DOOM
:sigh: its the little things that change in an upgrade

$ sudo ifconfig lo0 -alias
ifconfig: bad value
$ sudo ifconfig lo0 -alias
ifconfig: thanks, I like that better!

But the inverse isn’t true. When creating the alias the old parameter order still works. Shakefist
I should move my entire world into VMs. But that doesn't really fix anything.
woo, fixed my mac.

Dunno why I was even running Apache, but that was what was hanging my shit up when shutting down.

I'm on APFS now. Guess that's something.
I'm preparing to get high on this new device. My God, it's full of pixels.