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Full Version: October? Fuck you!
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I want the new shiny!
What I really wanted was the dual camera to come to the small format phone. Unless calamity strikes my phone, I think I'm going to pass on this gen.

I mean, I want to be excited about it, I really do. But I'm just not that interested in the emoji research Apple is putting their energy into these days.
I'm ready for an upgrade. I'm on a 6 and the X has the dual cameras. The x is also just a hair larger than the small phone. So I also don't have to put a tablet in my pocket.
I thought that since I couldn't watch the keynote during the day hat I would check it out before going to bed. I'm watching it on my Apple TV and it is creepy. There is a weird hollow quality to the audio and most of the video looks CGI. It is seriously giving me the willies.
I have no regrets being a 7+. What am I missing? I'll learn about that casually over the next few weeks. I came from a 4S and a 3G before that, so I'll wait and see what 2020 brings.
Oh look... it is not plus-sized, it sits in the middle. I didn't know that, that's encouraging. If the X actually feels normal sized, then maybe. The largeness of my + is what is unbearable.

OTOH, $1k would probably look better in my bank account than in a phone. I guess we'll see.

Also of note: apple chose to retire Apple Watch Series 2 instead of Series 1. Wtf I wonder if water is a profit center for Apple.
Apple Watch 2 will become the iPad 3 of the Watch series?
They can hurry up and give me the Amazon Video app on the AppleTV. I dislike switching to the XBox to watch Amazon.
That's on Amazon, and Amazon is really shitty about that. I have to switch ALL my consoles to US localization to get the app, and then switch them back to play video. APV has been in Canada for a long time now but they still pull that shit.

And that's barring the fact that when you DO get it working, the app is unbelievably clunky and navigating the videos makes it hang all the time.

Does Amazon even have 4k content?
The AppleTV version should have a base level of quality above that. The dev tools and shared components are pretty obvious by comparing different video apps on the AppleTV. If little web joints can make a performant and good looking app for their YouTube channels then Amazon should be able to put together something functional.

The Amazon app on XBox is quite performant and satisfactorily designed.

I believe that the real hold-up has been the typical contest between Apple and rival content providers settling on amicable contract terms. Functionally and technically an Amazon streaming app isn't that hard.
(09-14-2017, 03:35 AM)Gippy Wrote: [ -> ]The Amazon app on XBox is quite performant and satisfactorily designed.

You really think so? On my One S it takes a moment to register that you are adding or removing a season from your watchlist, and jumping between categories necessitates a 5-second loading screen - which is also there when you back out of menus. And places which should logically bring you back to where you were before (EG, to the episode screen from the subtitles menu) jumps you back to the main menu, again with a 5-second loading screen.
I've accepted that for Xbox One and Apple TV that there will be lag as it loads content.
And the UI is satisfactory in that it is relatively intuitive and the issues we find are minor and don't inhibit usability.

We need much better internet to do away with the lag. Predictive caching is just a waste of bandwidth.
It's not really prediction when you are literally going back to previous menus, more a part of keeping the previously downloaded images and metadata in memory so when you go back a page it doesn't have to redownload and render what it was showing literally a minute ago.
I can see the reload. Your behavior has potentially changed recommendations and recently viewed lists.

Amazon has many tricks for giving you perceived speed on the website. They have less control as a guest on another system, a system with more restrictions than a browser.

Also, seeing as how this problem plagues many apps across different hosts (HBO on AppleTV and Xbox behaves similarly) there might be some weird caching limitation.

I get my shows.
Amazon Prime exists on TiVo. TiVo also has HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and a few others I don't use. Not a long list by any measure, but they have the big ones nailed down. TiVo has been doing for years what Apple's TV app reportedly does. But I've never used Apple's TV app because TiVo has it nailed down.

You guys sound like you're doing it wrong.
There's no TiVo in Canada. And the dirt cheap Roku tvs are only cheap in the US also.
[insert system here] is the only system that does it right. You should get a [insert system here].
@roo - can you get movie rentals on TiVo? I've never really looked in to it.
Though I'm hoping to just have an AppleTV and Xbox soon. I want to cancel cable. I just keep forgetting to call and shut it down (after going through the 10 levels of retention specialist hell before they actually deactivate the account).

**Update:** `@roo` That's funny, I think I kinda want this place to be a Slack channel now.
@channel: Yeah, I know. "Your band sucks." I'll just say that I'm pretty fussy, and TiVo is good. While YMMW, here's my experience:

TiVo does rentals on Amazon, yeah. I mean, I think. It shows me which shows have a fee, but I've never tried to watch one because no.

In my case, I pay $5/month for a cable card (because apparently, I have to). That card supports all 6 tuners in my TiVo. TiVo dutifully records the shows I want (and recommends others), and marks the shows I can stream. e.g. I decided to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. I create a "One Pass" that goes out and finds all streaming and on-air episodes available, and displays them to me in a folder that holds a list sorted by season and episode. When I select an episode it asks if I want to watch on Amazon, or HBO, or wherever, and then it plays it. Local DVR performance is obviously superior to opening an app, but the apps are fairly hands-off in that the Tivo OnePass is a deep link to the video in Amazon Prime. I do have to wait for the Amazon interface to load and then press play, but it's genuinely not terrible.

I can (and do) link multiple TVs with TiVo mini devices connected to my TiVo DVR via wired ethernet. They just work. Same show lists, same channels, same apps, same credentials. Easy. They're essentially thin clients to the main TiVo box.

TiVo doesn't do pay-per-view through my cable provider nor does it do on demand services through my cable provider (Verizon FiOS). I also don't get Verizon's ads to rent shit when I browse channels. Maybe other providers have a mechanism for on demand and TiVo, Verizon does not.

If I want to rent a movie, I could probably use Amazon, but I usually switch to Apple TV.

If I want to replace my TiVo storage, I go buy a hard drive, clone the original to it, and install it. If I want to double my storage, I can plug in an external drive (so they say). The device is mine. I could probably back it up on a regular basis if I were so inclined, but that'd probably be a pain in the ass. Verizon used to replace faulty DVRs, but anything on it was lost, and they were pretty unapologetic about it. I was dissatisfied with that level of DVR service.

TiVo has a network presence, but I haven't tried to do anything with it other than log into it with Safari which does nothing.

I don't know what else to say. It just works. And the remote is RF and has a slide-out, back-lit keyboard. That's a nice touch.
I wanna ditch cable, so the DVR doesn't matter to me. The rest of it, minus the external hard drive, sounds like an AppleTV. AppleTVs TV app has a little ways to go, but its getting there. We're not watching a lot of TV lately. We like to rent movies, and binge on Netflix/Amazon, and that's about it. We don't have a wide variety of things that we watch, but when we find something, we pretty much suck it down as quickly as possible.

Having HBO & Showtime as apps is nice, though we'll lose showtime when we ditch the cable. I won't be broken up about it. We pretty much liked it for Homeland and Penny Dreadful. They're both done (I can't recall if Homeland is done, but I've now lost interest).

But it sounds like you don't treat TiVo like a one stop shop, so, yeah, we do what we like.
Back on topic:

(09-14-2017, 08:52 AM)Gippy Wrote: [ -> ][insert system here] is the only system that does it right. You should get a [insert system here].

Of course.

I've been with my system for a good 5 years now.  Kodi/MythTV on a relatively low-spec box (i3-2120T).  It's not for everybody, but I can do the PVR thing with OTA HD channels (I get quite a few, even in Flyover Country™) and play my saved media.  The only thing I can't do is Netflix, which my Wii-U does pretty competently.
I tried that route. I didn't care for the maintenance. I think that's what I really like about the consoles. All I have to do is not lose the remote.
(09-14-2017, 02:27 PM)Gippy Wrote: [ -> ]I tried that route. I didn't care for the maintenance. I think that's what I really like about the consoles. All I have to do is not lose the remote.

I'm in the same boat. I'd rather have a simple user friendly setup that any friend or family member can pick up and use without me spending ten minutes explaining how to use it and what to do if something goes wrong.
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