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Full Version: Attempting forum software upgrade.
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I hope.

Hm. Seems OK.
Latest MyBB (no thanks to them, the upgrade instructions are a bit scary) and PHP 7.

Post counts look off.
Are you sure?
Posting to check mine. Though I have no idea how many I had before.
But the forum does seem pretty snappy.
It appears to not suck more. success! :pint:
Not sucking more is good.
I consider it the benchmark of anything I undertake. "better than what it was"
The sloganator seems to be missing...
We got you, instead.
Can we trade him for a broken sloganator?
Maybe I started drinking too early this morning, but I don't recall us having a slogantor here.
If you think it's ever too early to start drinking, you started drinking too early.
I finally fixed those damn videos after the upgrade.
MyBB is a disaster under the hood.
I get the feeling they all are. Web developers are vile idiots.
But thanks for doing this, of course.
Alien=ass kisser
Also: thanks, Gippy.