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Full Version: 4K
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Using an old 720P 32" TV sucked hairy donkey balls, but in retrospect a 1080p monitor would've sufficed... However I can't bear to bring myself to return this beauty. 
I know that feeling. I ordered one at work, now I kinda wish I had only ordered a 1080p one.

It's the HP Z27 or w/e.
So far so good with for sitting at a desk
As it turns out i returned it within 24 hours. next time I'll just get a 1080p 24" monitor, ideally with the best color reproduction possible without an insane price jump. I was eyeballing some 144Hz monitors, but the sales reps did not have any demos or anything to demonstrate the benefits. Shame, because I like the soap opera effect and would appreciate that by a long shot.
I'm a little lost-- Standard 72dpi imagery is too low?
Bigger numbers are better, duh!
2017 will be one better than 2016!
Hm, turns out my RaspberryPi B can drive this Dell 4K 27". I didn't expect that.
Pushing it to the limit!