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Full Version: What are you listening too?
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I miss this thread from the old place. No here's a shitty replacement thread.
Italian "parents" and their screeching hell-spawn, thanks to Trenitalia's "oferta bimbi gratis" promotion. Thanks a lot, assholes. Now fix the fucking wifi, already.
in italia? allora, ti presento i raspodia!

My city's mayor is playing drums on this track.

That is the least metal metal video I've ever seen.
Song's good, though.
Nothing really new right now. So, old...
I went and saw Dark Tranquillity last weekend, and picked up their latest, Atoma, at the show (and then got them to sign it for me afterwards). Holy shit, it's beautiful and desolate. I fukn' love it. If you're into that sort of thing (DT emerged from the "Gothenburg" scene in the early 1990s, so they've got groove and melody while still being death metal), you should grab it, immediately. Best album of 2016, IMO.
I like everything about that except the Cookie Monster voice.
Wow, YouTube is outdoing itself after watching that video. It's now suggesting all kinds of female fronted Cookie Monster metal.

But, I just noticed that The Julie Ruin released one earlier this year. So now I'm listening to:

Roo should appreciate this, since I think he contributed it to the "Songs About Fucking" smapler.

I was driving home tonight, and W.A.S.P.'s "Animal" came on, but the radio edit said he "walks like a beast".

I had to pull over I was laughing so fukn' hard.
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