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Full Version: Cities: Skylines is the new SimCity
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My roommate Tennessee and I have been staying up till 3 every night the last three nights building cities in this game. Tinkering with traffic alone is one of the most fun things I've ever done in a game.

We've built two cities so far: one stagnated at around a population of 55K, but we think that's cause we didn't start building enough offices when they became available and held on to industrial for too long.

Anyway, at about $1 for each hour I've played it so far, it's a bargain.

/Adds to price watch list
Enjoy some photos of the city my roommate and I are working on. Population 113,000.

[Image: ighlB8t.jpg]
[Image: t8ayKoi.jpg]
[Image: 7njN7oN.jpg]
[Image: u48eU3R.png]
[Image: USz5RoI.jpg]
[Image: TP0pZJm.jpg]
[Image: Ip8G4x7.png]
There's a vagina in your city.
Duh. There's a penis too.
The penis isn't very clear to me and I've spent an unusual amount of time searching for it.
in picture 6 i'd say the whole city is a penis
You can't have a vagina on the end of a penis. Ok, well, you can, but you cant' have YOUR vagina on the end of YOUR penis.
It's sort of like New York. Each neighborhood gets the penis of the neighborhood that was gentrified before it.